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Diesel Heaters in Sydney

Cool Breeze Rentals is a company that offers diesel heaters for hire in Sydney and other areas of Australia. Diesel heaters are a great option for heating large spaces such as warehouses, workshops, marquees, and outdoor events. We also offer delivery, installation, and maintenance services for their customers. Whether you need a short-term or long-term solution, Cool Breeze Rentals can help you find the best diesel heater for your needs.

Know More About Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters are portable, efficient, and easy to operate. Cool Breeze Rentals provides high-quality diesel heaters in Sydney that are safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly. They are powered by diesel fuel and can run on either 12v or 240v electricity. Sydney diesel heaters are made with quality components and have advanced electronic controllers with diagnostic features. They are also low noise, fuel efficient, and power efficient. 

Sydney Diesel Heaters of Cool Breeze Rentals

Product Applications

If you need temporary heating solutions for your business or event, you can count on us. We offer 24/7 emergency call out for temporary cooling, and heating hire in Australia. Whether you need air conditioners, chillers, fans, or generators, we have the equipment and expertise to meet your needs. We can deliver and install the cooling units within hours, and provide ongoing support and maintenance. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

  • Mining & Resources

    The mining and resources industries demand durable, reliable and OH&S compliant equipment. This equipment needs to also offer high capacity output, while being able to handle harsh environmental conditions.

    CBR Reverse Cycle Packaged Air Conditioners, Chiller Systems, Industrial Fans, Evaporative Coolers and Mine Flex Ducting all offer these benefits and have been used extensively in remote locations in QLD and WA.

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  • events

    The Events industry consists of small parties, right up to major international level events. CBR are highly experienced in the events industry and have the equipment, experience and resources to cater for all sized events and budgets.

    Cooling and Heating options are covered with Reverse Cycle Packaged Air Conditioners, High Wall Split Systems and Chiller Systems. Stand-alone options are popular too with..

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    The general construction markets are serviced by CBR with portable, easy to use OH&S compliant equipment.

    The equipment used in these markets varies from Portable Refrigerated Spot Coolers, Evaporative Coolers and Blower, Extraction and Misting Fans, to Diesel, Gas and Electric Heaters.

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    Cool Breeze Rentals (CBR) are committed to the mechanical services industry and are a trusted supplier to many of the major companies involved.

    Mechanical services sites are broad, covering service stations, universities, hospitals, offices, shopping centres, fast food outlets and more. CBR understand the needs of these sites..

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    Restoration and cleaning are markets CBR are heavily committed to. Floor and structural drying, mould remediation, general humidity control and air purifying are all catered for with specific equipment.

    This range of restoration and cleaning products has been carefully chosen to ensure you have the optimal solution for your situation.

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    Warehousing and industrial applications usually include (but aren’t limited to) direct spot cooling of a specific item or cooling of a designated area or large open warehouse.

    CBR is experienced in these requirements and have the equipment and knowledge to provide the right solution for each.

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Emergency call out 24/7

Whether it’s an emergency breakdown, a natural disaster or anything in between, our team have years of experience dealing with a whole range of emergency situations. So give our experts a call 24/7 and speak with one of our team about your issue because without a doubt, we can help!

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