AH800 23.3kW Radiant Diesel Heater

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AH800 23.3W Radiant Diesel Heater
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AH800 Specification Sheet

An indoor/outdoor rated infrared heater which works without emitting smoke or burning smells. Consuming approximately 4.5 litres of fuel per day to heat a space of up to 216m². Easy to relocate thanks to its heavy duty castor wheels. Ideal for industrial , working areas, halls, public events, terraces, and construction sites. installation and is easy to move to the desired location thanks to its heavy duty castor wheels. Ideal for industrial halls, working areas, machinery shelters, stables, halls, breakrooms, maintenance vehicles, public events, repair shops, terraces, tents and construction sites.


  • 21.0-23.3kW Heating Capacity
  • Up to 216m² Coverage
  • LED Display
  • Low Running Costs


Heating Capacity21.0-23.3kW
Power Supply240V/10A Single Phase
Current Consumption1A
Weight65kg (Empty) /135kg (Full)
Dimensions1300mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 1370mm(H)
Fuel Consumption1.71-1.9L /hr
CoverageUp to 216m² Coverage
Fuel Tank Size70L
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