AH300 15.1kW Radiant Diesel Heater

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AH300 15.1kW Radiant Diesel Heater
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AH300 Specification Sheet

An indoor/outdoor rated infrared heater which works without emitting smoke or burning smells. Consuming approximately 4.5 litres of fuel per day to heat a space of up to 108m². Easy to relocate thanks to its heavy duty castor wheels. Ideal for industrial , working areas, halls, public events, terraces, and construction sites.


  • 12.7-15.1kW Heating Capacity
  • Up to 108m² Coverage
  • LED Display
  • Low Running Costs


Heating Capacity12.7-15.1kW
Power Supply240V/10A Single Phase
Current Consumption1A
Weight41kg (Empty) /86kg (Full)
Dimensions950mm(W) x 305mm(D) x 1000mm(H)
Fuel Consumption1.05-1.24L /hr
CoverageUp to 108m² Coverage
Fuel Tank Size45L