Warehousing & Industrial

Warehousing and industrial applications usually include (but aren’t limited to) direct spot cooling of a specific item or cooling of a designated area or large open warehouse. CBR is experienced in these requirements and have the equipment and knowledge to provide the right solution for each.

Direct spot cooling has been provided in the past for a number of reasons including staff, compressors, food production, machinery and much more.

Spot cooling has traditionally been done with Refrigerated Spot Coolers, Man Coolers Fans and Packaged Air Conditioners but for large-scale requirements we have also used stand-alone Chiller Systems.

Cooling of open areas inside warehouses is almost always prohibited by the extremely high costs. Thankfully CBR have Mobile Evaporative Coolers, high capacity Mobile Spot Coolers and high capacity Man Cooler Fans.

The Mobile Evaporative Coolers are easily the most popular product for warehouses. They can be positioned wherever they’re needed (they’re ‘stand-alone’), they have low power draw and they offer high capacity airflow. They don’t provide cold refrigerated air like an air conditioner, but they supply relief cooling with a supply temperature slightly lower than the ambient temperature.

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    A 64kW Packaged unit provides temporary cooling for a manufacturing facility in Prestons NSW.

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    A manufacturing facility in Sydney’s North West was concerned about the health and safety of employees.

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    Heating in industrial and warehousing applications can be a costly and challenging exercise.

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