Diesel Heaters for Warehousing

Warehouse & Industrial Heating

Heating in industrial and warehousing applications can be a costly and challenging exercise. Convection heaters (also known as space heaters), such as electric fan forced heaters, heat the air which can quickly dissipate into the larger space most industrial and warehouse applications present, providing very little or inefficient heating to the desired workspace.

Radiant Heat

Diesel Heaters are an ideal solution for providing heating in larger spaces and perfectly suited for warehousing or industrial applications. As the radiant heat energy generated by the diesel heater is directional, and unaffected by the medium it travels through, it does not lose energy as it travels through the air. Radiant heat waves are absorbed by the solid objects they contact providing a highly efficient heating solution.

What About Emissions?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is generated due to incomplete combustion of fuel. The highly efficient combustion system found in the Cool Breeze diesel heater range results in virtually no CO emissions being generated.

An independent study in Europe found that the Diesel Heater emissions contain 1ppm of Carbon Monoxide when measured 1cm from the machines exhaust. To put things into perspective, a well-tuned LPG forklift running at idle has CO concentrations of 3500 to 10000ppm when measured at the tailpipe.

As a result of their extremely low emissions, these heaters are safe for indoor use, and in most applications the CO emissions of the diesel heater would be negligible.

Power Advantage

Diesel Heaters rely on the combustion of diesel to generate their heat energy and although they do need some power to operate the electronics and fuel pump, they only draw 1A of current and plug into a standard 240V single phase power outlet. This presents a huge advantage where limited power is available or power generation is required, as an equivalent electric heater would require a 3-phase power connection and current draw of more than 20A

Running Cost

Factoring in the cost of diesel and the power required, the operating cost of an AH300 15kW Diesel Heater is substantially cheaper than an equivalent electric heater.

When comparing the AH300 Diesel heater to a 15kW Tiger Heater, the AH300 came in at a running cost that was 60% lower.

If you do not want the headache of refuelling, let Cool Breeze Rentals take care of the refuelling for you. Assuming 100 litres of diesel per delivery, the running cost of a diesel heater comes in at roughly the same cost as its electric alternative.

More information on the Diesel Heater range can be seen here.