Residential Burst Pipe

A pipe in the upstairs bathroom cabinet of a residential property had ruptured and began flooding the bathroom. Within minutes the floor drain was overwhelmed, and water started spreading beyond the bathroom into the upstairs carpeted area and down the staircase. Fortunately, someone was home when the pipe burst and was able to restrict the damage by turning off the water mains.

A large amount of loose water was mopped up, however this still left behind carpets which were soaked. To prevent mould from setting in this needed to be dried out as soon as possible. Cool Breeze Rentals was contacted for the hire of some suitable drying equipment.

Cool Breeze Rentals supplied several CB1100 carpet dryers with a couple of CBDH45 dehumidifiers. One side of the carpet was lifted and a CB1100 carpet dryer was setup to blow underneath it. Another CB1100 airmover was placed to blow air over the top of the carpet. A 45 litre per day dehumidifier was installed with a hose running into a nearby drainage point. A second set of dehumidifiers and airmovers were installed at the bottom of the staircase.

After two days of continuous operation the area was completely dry. The equipment was disconnected and the carpet re-installed.

The CBDH45 is a smaller stackable dehumidifier which is easy to handle and transport. With up to 45L per day moisture removal capacity, it is ideal for most residential and smaller commercial applications.

More information on the CB1100 can be seen here.

More information on the CBDH45 can be seen here.