Office Building in Surry Hills NSW - Spot Cooler Hire

Temporary portable air conditioning provides relief to office building.


When an HVAC system fails in a building, temperatures can quickly rise due to heat generated by equipment, people, and direct sunlight. With most high-rise buildings not able to open windows, keeping workspaces cool can become an issue.

When the chiller failed on a multilevel building in March 2018 in Surry Hills Cool Breeze rentals was contacted to provide a temporary solution to their cooling requirements. Based on the works required to repair the chiller, the proposed solution would need to be in place for several weeks.

After a site inspection with the mechanical service team, it was decided that a combination of 20kW high capacity spot coolers and 4.9kW portable spot coolers would offer the best solution considering the client's requirements and site restrictions preventing larger equipment.

The 21.5kW CB20000 units were rolled into the lift and taken up to the 6th floor which was vacant at the time. Powered by the 3-phase power available on site, the CB20000 units had cold air duct runs installed into the fresh air system for distribution throughout the building. Hot air was discharged into the ceiling space and vented externally to the building. As the floor was un-attended condensate pumps were installed, and hoses were run to a suitable drain located in the floor's plant room.

CB4900 4.9kW Spot Coolers were deployed throughout the building to assist with hot zones or where additional cooling was required.

The hire of the CB20000 and CB4900 Spot coolers from Cool Breeze Rentals ran for 2 weeks and provided temporary relief from the heat for the building's occupants while the mechanical service teams carried out their repairs to the buildings chiller and HVAC system.

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