CBCT01 Airbitat High Capacity Evaporative Cooler

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CBCT01 Airbitat High Capacity Evaporative Cooler

The Airbitat Smart City Cooler achieves new standards of deep cooling, even in challenging conditions such as hot and humid environments. Where conventional coolers struggle to deliver tangible cooling, the Airbitat Smart City Cooler effortlessly outperforms with deeper cooling at its core. The Airbitat`s intelligent operating system detects ambient environment conditions and adjusts its modes of cooling to always deliver energy-efficient smart savings.


  • High Capacity Cooling
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Direct Host Feed
  • LED Display


Cooling Capacity16kW
Power Supply240V/10A Single Phase
Current Consumption6.0A
Air Flow5,200m³/h
Dimensions940mm(W) x 808mm(D) x 1910mm(H)
Weight210kg / 280kg
Water Consumption20 Litres Per Hour
Fan Speed Settings4