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Airrex ADH-1000 Portable Dehumidifier

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The Airrex ADH-1000 is a fully portable dehumidifier providing rapid drying and humidity control for flood restoration, building drying, process drying and general dehumidification. Standard features include: heavy duty site wheels and handle, swivel casters, built-in condensate pump, simple digital control with timer and error messaging, adjustable humidistat (1%RH increments), efficient rotary compressor, automatic hot gas defrost and R410A refrigerant gas. Safety features include: high pressure switch, low pressure switch, 3 minute delay timer on compressor, fan motor protection and thermostat protection for the compressor.

With a nominal capacity of 80 1/24hr (27 degrees celcius & 60%RH), the Airrex ADH1000 is perfect for commercial and industrial usage.

Operating Range 5-35 degrees celcius & 30-90% RH.

Model ADH-1000
Capacity 120 l/day (max)
80 l/day (nom)
Power 240V~10A
FLA 7.7 A~1.7kW
HxWxD (mm) 995/506/552
Weight 60 Kg
Air Flow 1080 m3/hr
R410A 1000g

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